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The following organizations are contributing to this upcoming event in Buenos Aires, Argentina: Canadian Embassy in Argentina, Mecenzago Cultural de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Consulate General of the Argentine Republic in Toronto, Fundación Itaú, Fundacion Redes Solidarias, the recognition and support of the Canadian Embassy in Paraguay, Comisión Nacional de Monumentos, de Lugares y de Bienes Históricos, University Tres de Febrero (UNTREF), Argentine Association for Canadian Studies (ASAEC) and Paraguay Centre for Canadian Studies (CPEC), International Film festival for Human Rights (FICDH),The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Institute of Indigenous Culture of Argentina (ICIA), Indigenous Argentine Youth, Research and Studies Centre for the Social Developments and Culture(CEIDeSC), First Nations People of America Community for Students and Professionals (CEPPNA), Douglas Cardinal Architect Inc, University College of the North (UCN), University of New Brunswick (UNB), Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto (IFTW), Wapikoni Mobile, Rosario National University, the Centre for Indigenous Theatre (CIT), Colectivo de Mujeres del Chaco Americano, Redes Chaco and Textile Museum of Canada, Centre for Indigenous Theatre, imagineNATIVE.

“We would like to begin by acknowledging the Indigenous Peoples of all the lands that we are on today. While we meet today on a virtual platform, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge the importance of the land, which we each call home. We do this to reaffirm our commitment and responsibility in improving relationships between nations and our own understanding of local Indigenous peoples and their cultures.”

Location and Venue: The event will be hosted on a virtual platform (zoom). Online Edition.

Dates: 16 to 20 November 2020 (Phase 1) & March 2021 (Phase 2)

Event Framework Information:

  • The First Colloquium on Indigenous Architecture, Art and Culture of the Americas was held between March 18 and 22, 2019 at the Mariano Moreno National Library in Buenos Aires
  • Keen interest was expressed by more than 700 attendees at the 2019 Colloquium.
  • The Canadian Embassy in Argentina has a longstanding relationship with the indigenous peoples of Argentina, Paraguay and the region and has given continuous support to a variety of cultural, social and academic activities associated with inclusion and development within the indigenous communities.
  • Influential and highly representative indigenous associations in Argentina have shown a keen interest in participating and being part of the Colloquium, which will contribute to learn new ways of enhancing potential and strengthening community interaction by developing processes, setting in motion new programs, increasing public awareness and reconsidering certain public and educational policies within the art, cultural, educational and lifestyle-choice quality in the indigenous milieu, while also building bridges with the political, legislative, cultural and academic community.
  • Members of Canada’s First Nations and other indigenous societies from Canada have been a strong inspirational force for many Latin American indigenous communities and have also received interest and support from local leaders and associations. This event will continue to promote productive bonds between these communities and consolidate the importance of actions and activities that will hopefully lead to stronger, healthier, plural and more democratic societies within the region.
  • The First Canada-Argentina Americas Cultural Summit held in Ottawa May 9-11, 2018 advanced the conversation on cross-cultural awareness, pluralism, diversity and cultural citizenship and stimulated a national interest in this First Colloquium on Indigenous Culture.

Activities & Categories:

  • Discussion Panels from specialists on issues related to interculturality and Indigenous Women & Youth Current Affairs.
  • Panels and presentations on topics related to Indigenous Design. Workshops on design and creativity, design as part of the cultural industries, job development and placement.
  • Debate Forums: Contemporary Indigenous Art, Virtual Exhibitions and Indigenous Fashion Shows.
  • Performing Art Programme: Dance, Music, and Performance presentations.
  • Indigenous Narrative and Poetry Programme
  • Training workshops for young indigenous entrepreneurs
  • Debate Forums on Indigenous Medicine and Worldview.
  • Indigenous Film Fest. With Q&A Panel Discussions and Indigenous Youth workshops
  • Webinar Panel Discussions with the participation of sociologists, historians, anthropologists, designers and social sciences specialists. Sharing perspectives on the current situation of indigenous women, indigenous education, and on creative and art industries.
  • Sharing experiences and knowledge through different webinars between participant and Indigenous Speakers in pursuit of gathering relevant information to draw conclusions from the dissertation and develop future proposals.
  • Build an information/data network to enhance exchanges and dialogue among indigenous communities from every participant region and continue to work on developing future projects together.

Ancillary programme

Indigenous Design Program:

Coordinators: Olga Corna, Sage Paul and J’net AyAy Qwa Yak Sheelth
  • Webinar: “Truth through Textile Art”. Presented by J’net AyAy and guest speakers: Nathalei Bertin, Métis Omàmiwininiwak Artist and Tracy Toulouse, Anishnabwe Textile Artist.
  • Webinar: ”Textile Llama Art”: Olga Corna and Indigenous Designers: Elvira Challa Huasi and Celeste Valero.
  • Indigenous Design Online Workshops. Sage Paul, Director of Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto. Canada, along guest speakers representing diverse Indigenous Design Communities of North & South America.

Indigenous Film Program:

Coordinator: International Human Right Film Festival (FICDH)

  • Presentation of Indigenous filmmakers from Canada.
  • Screening of Indigenous Documentary
  • Film Workshops focused on youth programs by Canadian Wapikoni Mobile Duo.

Indigenous Women’s Current Affairs & Interculturality Program:

Coordinators: Idoia Arana Beobide Cardinal and Liliana Kremer.

  • Webinar: Indigenous Women and Interculturality:“Collaborative Conversations Towards a Good Living”. Presented by Idoia Arana-Beobide Cardinal (Canada) and Liliana Kremer (Córdoba) and Indigenous speakers: Miigam’agan (New Brunswick), Margaret Kress(Métis-Saskatchewan), Irma Liliana Bertozzi(Salta/Pueblo Guarani), Liz Sandra Ramírez (Paraguay/Pueblo Qom), Elena B. Martinez Riquelme (Paraguay) y Myriame Martineau (Canada).
  • Debate Forums: Indigenous Women current situation, The re-emergence of indigenous awareness Public Policies coordination to guarantee community development, the right to Health and Education (BILINGUAL INTERCULTURAL EDUCATION -EIB Law), access to the land and the preservation of Indigenous Cultural Identities, Feminism Project: In dialogue with Indigenous Women’s’ (Lic.Liliana Kremer in collaboration with the University of Sherbrooke) and many more issues.
  • Gender and Diversity: the presence of women in Indigenous Peoples Communities, panel discussions on perspectives and integration, Diversity and Gender and sexual identity.
  • Indigenous Poetry Reading and Narrative.

Indigenous Cultural Heritage Program:

Coordinator: Juan Namuncura.
  • Webinar that will discuss Indigenous Cultural Heritage Affairs.
  • Speakers will reflect, comment and analyze different projects, actions and ideas on Indigenous Cultural Heritage.

Dance and Music Program:

Coordinator: Juan Namuncura. (Mapuche)

  • In our Spiritual Ancestral Cultures when we dance, play music, sing, wear Regalia and masks we are configurating and indivisible unity with the cosmos and Our Mother Earth. Going through our sacred geometries we connect with the forces of Nature and the forces of our Ancestral Community Spirit.
  • Being the resonating bodies of our community spirituality, we begin to know our truth or essence and thus reach that creative processes.
  • A special online participation of RedSky performance- Director Sandra Laronde of the leading Indigenous Contemporary Dance Company.

Indigenous Worldview/Cosmovision:

Coordinators: Marilin Rehnfelt (Paraguay) and Rosalia Gutierrez. (Kolla-Jujuy).

  • Webinar: Indigenous Women: Art & Knowledge Makers.

Young Children Program:

  • Introduction to the history, worldview and current affairs of Indigenous Peoples
  • Promote dialogue and peace among different communities, student’s awareness and respect for the environment/our planet.
  • Indigenous Peoples Ceremonial Dance (from different territories)

Broadcast and press:

The Colloquium of Indigenous Culture, Art and Design 2020, will be promoted through a communication strategy that will seek to have a wide impact on broad media and social networks. An interactive web page, a blog will be designed, and content will be uploaded online. Every activity will be communicated and broadcast through social networks. The conferences and main events will be broadcast through virtual conference platforms, live conferences as well as recorded and uploaded via Vimeo to our webpage. Simultaneous translation will be available. This project will contribute to the transnational circulation of works, activities and culture of the Indigenous Peoples in America. An Academic Certificate will be issued by participating Universities to the attendees.

Production and Coordination Committee:

Mercedes Bocca President Fundación Redes Solidarias
Juan Namuncura, Mapuche Indigenous Artist
Idoia Arana-Beobide Cardinal, co-founder International Network for Training, Education, and Research on Culture (INTERC o ‘Network on Culture’) and its subsidiary Global Matriculture Research Network (GMRN o ‘Mat-Net’).
J’net AyAy Qwa Yak Sheelth, Indigenous Advisory Circle of knowledge, B.A., M.A.
Olga Corna, Director Centre of Canadian Studies. Asaec.
Liliana Kremer, Applied Research for University of Cordoba, Assistant Professor University of Sherbrooke (CA).
Janice & Gail Seto, Project Consultants.
Claudia Lala & Gabriela Jurevicius, Cultural Liaisons.