Webinar: Indigenous Worldview

Indigenous women producers of art and knowledge

Title: Indigenous women producers of art and knowledge

Speakers: Rosalia Gutierrez (pueblo Coya), Bianca Orqueda (pueblo Nivakle), Vilma Rosaura Palax Tuy (pueblo Kaqchikel, Guatemala)

Moderator: Marilin Rehnfelt

Date: November 17, 2020

Time: 16hrs Canada EST – 18hrs Argentina

Format: Webinar via Zoom. FB Live. Instagram Live.


Communicators and guardians of ancestral knowledge, the women of the native peoples of America, through their art, keep the memory and identity of their communities alive through various artistic manifestations: music, dances, production of textiles and crafts.
This webinar  proposes to deepen the relationships that exist between the production of knowledge, the artistic facts and the representations of the surrounding reality.

The voices of our ancestors on indigenous art

We would like to introduce certain considerations on what ART is for Indigenous Peoples, through their own vision.
For thousands of years, prior to the Christian era, the indigenous peoples developed multiplicity of artistic manifestations, mastering diverse techniques on ceramics, weaving, metal, stone and wood sculpture.
Indigenous art today represents a fundamental tool to sustain the Worldview of Indigenous Peoples. It is in the symbolism of the fabrics, the carving of the wood, the couplet, the dance and other representations, it is traced within the order of the cosmos.
The purpose of the webinar will be to take a brief tour of the different original artistic manifestations, evidencing the existence of other symbolic systems, other codes, other ways of expressing life.
Only in this way can an intercultural conception and practice be concretized in a multiethnic society, where Indigenous People art and culture can become fully visible and rightfully recognized.


Vilma Rosaura Palax Tuy

Great Confederation of Indigenous Councils of Guatemala (Ajq’ijab ”Main Councils),


Circle of Cooperation of the Descendants of Guatemala from Latin America and the Caribbean and director of the Multiregional Youth (URI).

VOLUNTARY WORK CARRIED OUT IN NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: 1. Work with young people, women, children through training and workshops, formulating sustainable development projects at the National and International level in UNITED RELIGIONS INITIATIVE.

Representation of Youth in the celebration of the International Day of Peace and Justice in 2017 “Together for Peace: Respect, Security, and Dignity for all” held in the Plurinational State of Bolivia. Trainer for youth, women, and the elderly in the municipality of El Alto in the Plurinational State of Bolivia. Host and organizer of the Mesoamerican event “AWAKENING THE CONSCIENCE OF LEADERSHIP FOR PEACE”, training young people from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, held from May 27 to 31, 2018; with support from the United States, Venezuela and Argentina.

 Opponent in the International Accelerate Peace Interfaith Action in Global Peacebuilding event, held from June 24 to 27, 2019, at Stanford University, San Francisco California United States, presented issues of water, youth participation, environment, cultural exchange and water ceremony worldwide.

Opponent in the Global Indigenous Network event from March 18 to 22, 2020, on themes of Cosmovision, Human Rights and preservation of the sacred.

Opponent at World UNITY week in Shaping Peace Together, representing youth in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Contender in the worldview of ancestral peoples and their spiritual connection with nature, of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Rosalia Gutierrez

Kolla People Prov. of Jujuy. Sociologist General Coordinator of the First Nations Students Community of America (CEPNA). Since 2005, she is the Senior Advisory of the Religions Initiative URI, based in San Francisco, USA. Professor for master’s degree in Cultural Diversity at the National University Tres de Febrero. Academic assistant of the Seminar of Sociology of Religion of the Chair of Dri in the Faculty of Social Sciences – UBA in the subject of Cosmovision of Indigenous Peoples. Member of the Peace Council of the Argentine Chancellery. Since 1985, Advocate of the Indigenous Movement Association.

Bianca Orqueda

Bianca Orqueda  Born in NIVACL´ E. Community Uj´e.

Indigenous singer and guitar tutor.
Works with children in the preservation of the language and the Nivacl’e culture.

Marilin Rehnfelt

Professor in the sociology career of the UCA, director of the magazine Suplemento Antropologíco del Ceaduc Universidad Católica; anthropologist from the University of Kansas, USA; postgraduate from Boston University USA.