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Associated organizations

The following organizations are contributing to this upcoming event in Buenos Aires, Argentina: the National Library Mariano Moreno, INAPL; the National Institute of Anthropology and Latin American Studies of the Argentinean Ministry of Culture, Mapuche Futa Traw Association, CONAMI – Indigenous Women’s National Council, ECMIA: Indigenous Women’s Continental Encounters Sponsored by The Canadian Embassy in Argentina, affiliated with the Embassies of Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay in Argentina and in partnership with Argentine Association of Canadian Studies (ASAEC), Paraguayan Centre of Canadian Studies (CPEC) and the La Plata National University Laboratory of Social Anthropology LIAS .

Location and Venue: The event will take place in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the National Library Mariano Moreno with side events in sector-specific venues.

Dates: 18 to 22 March 2019

The upcoming Cultural Encounter in Argentina will include different topics and
First International Colloquium in the Americas: “New Indigenous Architecture”
Visual Art Programme (including Indigenous Art & Crafts exhibits and Indigenous Film (screenings and workshops)
Performing Art Programme: Dance, Music, and Performance presentations
Indigenous Narrative and Poetry Programme
Panel Discussion Meetings: Education and Social Programs, Reflection on the empowerment of indigenous women today (in connection with International Women’s Day), cultural/intellectual rights and others.

Production and Coordination Committee:
Leonor Slavsky, Anthropologist, National Institute of Anthropology, Argentina
Jorge Cayuqueo, President Mapuche Futa Traw Association
Emilio Morena Chavarria, Visual Artist
Rita Camaño, Indigenous Visual Artist and academic consultant
Catalina Saugy, Anthropologist, INALP.
ARQA, Architecture and Design Community
Norma Acosta, Architect, Indigenous Women’s Council.
Claudia Lala & Gabriela Jurevicius, Curators. Operation Liaisons

Agüero 2502, Ciudad De Buenos Aires, Argentina